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Summer Intern 2017 - Ameya Shelby

The Firm Business Brokerage is happy to announce the successful completion of its first Brownell Talbot paid internship this past summer. Incoming senior Ameya Shelby assisted The Firm with research, data integration and social media planning. In the past, The Firm has worked with local college students to give them a taste of working for a brokerage, but Cortney Sells, president of The Firm, felt that it was time to open the opportunity up to high schoolers.  Allowing juniors and seniors in high school to experience and actively participate in the workings of a thriving business can help them to shape their college and career decisions, and Shelby saw it as a chance to “witness what happens in an actual business and to work alongside” professionals to gain that understanding. Shelby’s internship coincided nicely with the packed three weeks she spent at The Wharton School, where she stepped further into her pursuit of Finance for her undergraduate studies.

As a woman-owned business, The Firm likes to encourage young women to become involved in the business world, and Shelby is exactly what the brokerage looks for when seeking out interns. Shelby’s time is split between captaining the tennis team, participating on the speech and math teams, and conducting medical research on the side, to name a few. Her research focuses on children’s heart health, specifically achieving new ways to increase the efficiency with which cardio test data is read and interpreted. She’s had the distinct pleasure of seeing some of her work co-published by the American Society of Echocardiography.

At the moment, Shelby is considering combining her interest in finance with medicine, and is looking at a number of Ivy League institutions. In the meantime, she and a friend are in the beginning stages of starting a charity that aims to partner with elementary schools and donors to fundraise clothing and other necessities for children locally and internationally. Shelby’s work in this arena folds well into the “can-do” spirit championed by The Firm’s team. In fact, charity is a large part of The Firm’s and Sells’ background, with Sells sitting on the board for Heartland Family Services and continually promoting the health and well-being of Omaha’s impoverished. For Sells, it’s not just enough to give, but to actively give back, taking an active role in changing Omaha for the better.

The Firm expects that this is just the first of many summers to come, with Brownell Talbot and Omaha’s many other high schoolers working toward real business experience.

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