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Embracing the Unknown in Business

The unknown is always scary. Especially for us Type A people. I’ve always struggled with this concept. As a younger business professional, I really have no idea where my career and life will take me. I am definitely still trying to carve my own path and find where I fit. And no matter how old you are, we are all just trying to find our place. There is not one clear path to achieving this. As a business owner, at some point and if not frequently, you may not know where you and your business fit – what your place is in the ever growing world of businesses. You may fear the uncertainty. You may fear the unknown. But the uncertain future is where the greatest possibilities and growth can happen. So, embrace it. Here are some easy ways to embrace and deal with uncertainty.


  1. Recognize the essentiality of flexibility


Flexibility is going to be your biggest asset as a business owner. Especially when it comes to dealing with the unknown. Build flexibility into your plans. Shelli Hendricks from Blue Horizon Solutions says, “Uncertainty often requires that decisions be made with incomplete information. In these instances, we must acknowledge the unknowns, build flexibility into the plan and then monitor and adjust accordingly.” If you head into the unknown knowing flexibility will be required, it will make being flexible easier.


  1. Plan for potential risks


Risk is inevitable. So, to be prepared in uncertainty, brainstorm all the potential risks. After that, “measure each risk as low, medium or high based on at least these two factors: likelihood and impact,” states John Knotts from Crosscutter Enterprises. With any potential risk that is likely to happen and/or will make a significant impact, establish a mitigation strategy to prevent them from happening or aid in responding if they do occur. Planning for inevitable risk will make uncertainty less uncertain.


  1. Learn mindfulness and resilience through values


Uncertainty is not limited to business but is inevitable in life. To make it through, resilience is an important foundation. This will help you be steady in the uncertain. Resilience is found through mindful practice. “Mindfulness practices, enough sleep, daily movement, meaningful relationships and a mindset focused on gratitude will help undergird and strengthen your strategy and planning,” says Jessica Glazer from the Center for Creative Leadership. With the strengthening of resilience comes strong leadership founded in core values. Uncertainty can shake and frighten any leader. But if a leader is grounded by values, resilience will be found. There will be clarity in making decisions and judgment calls. Through mindfulness, comes resilience found in values.


The unknown is frightening for anyone. But by evaluating risk, being flexible, and practicing resilience, you can make the unknown a little less terrifying. And it is important to remember that uncertainty allows for growth. To be a top leader, you need to embrace the unknown and deal with it as it comes. Because it always will. Only then can you begin to find your place.


To read more about dealing with uncertainty, check out this source:

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