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How to Sell a Business in 7 Easy* Steps

There's an asterisk in the title of this blog post for a reason: selling a business by yourself is not easy. For many business owners, this can be an emotional time, and for others, finding the right buyer for the industry without handing business over to a competitor can be tricky to navigate. That's why The Firm uses a tried-and-true, successful process to guide our Sellers in the right direction. 



Business Owner signs a Mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement, ensuring The Firm will keep everything 100% confidential. Owner will need to provide copies of three years of certified financial statements.
A complimentary valuation of the business is prepared using one of four valuation methods:
• Asset Valuation
• Cost-to-Create Valuation
• Industry Valuation
• Cash Flow Valuation

The Valuation is then presented and explained in detail to the Business Owner.


Engagement Agreement is signed and private placement efforts of The Firm's qualified buyers begin.



Introduction of Buyer and Seller where The Firm broker will guide the meeting entirely.
This call is for fact-finding only, no negotiation as to price or terms.
Buyer will gain all necessary information to submit a Contingent Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent in order to begin Due Diligence.


Buyer submits Contingent Offer and provides escrow deposit upon acceptance.



Due diligence begins.
Seller begins full disclosure of balance sheets, asset lists and costs, contracts, customers, and any additional information pertinent to Buyer verification.

Buyer reviews leases, contracts, and other assumable agreements.
Buyer performs detailed review of all aspects of the business and its operations.



Preparation of Closing Documents:

• Asset Purchase Agreement
• Bill of Sale
• UCC Filings, etc.

Buyer has confirmed that all contingencies have been met and Due Diligence satisfied.

All final documents will be reviewed and finalized by Buyer and Seller and any of their advisors.




Buyer, Seller and a member of our Deal Team meet with The Firm, either in person or digitally, for signing final documents.

Money is transferred.

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The Firm makes no warranties or representation in consideration to the information provided above. All communication regarding this business must occur directly with The Firm Advisors, LLC. The Firm is not a real estate brokerage and does not sell real estate. The Firm solely advises on exit strategy.