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Kansas City Tech Company Useagility Sells to First Tek

Kansas City tech company, Useagility LLC, recently sold the company to First Tek Inc. of New Jersey. Useagility specializes in user experience and research design, while First Tek is an expert in development and design thinking.

First Tek acquired Useagility as of May 23rd, but waited to announce the news until now, giving the company time to inform clients and employees. First Tek employs about 1,200 people and earns more than $100 million in annual revenue. Useagility has been growing quickly as they’ve shown an average  of 30 to 40 percent revenue growth each year.

“There is now an expectation that design teams are embedded and working very closely with development teams. … To be competitive in the marketplace as a design company, we need to also be able to develop solutions as well,” Useagility CEO Chrys Sullivan said. “It makes us better designers to be sitting next to developers and to be working side-by-side to bring innovative products to life.”

Useagility will continue to offer user experience and research design services, but now it’s diving deeper into development. It previously offered web development services, but joining forces with First Tek allows it to expand into mobile and software development. 

Useagility’s headquarters will remain in Kansas City as their business hopes to grow from 7 employees to 11 employees by the end of the year.

The Firm Business Brokerage managed this transaction with both buyer and seller.

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