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Stop Waiting and Start Now

There have been many times someone contemplating their next business move has said to me, “Well I’m just waiting for the right time.” Especially in the pandemic, a lot of people are dragging their feet when it comes to beginning their next business venture. The reality is, there is no right time to make the next move. While there may be better moments than some, you can’t continue waiting for “the next opportunity.” Instead, start creating them for yourself.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of businesses will fail within five years of operating. Not great odds. But, if you’re ready for the next thing and feeling stuck, changing your perspective will change the way you view opportunities. This change will allow the commitment to these new ventures.

Change requires the leap outside your comfort zone. Often a person is not ready to make the step because of fear. With the right perspective and goals in place, one can easily make the leap forward strategically and effectively. The fear of failure is also a reason for “waiting.” Failure is inevitable. And essential. Failure allows humans to grow and learn. Don’t let the fear of change and failure stop you from making the leap to the next opportunity.

So, to summarize this blog, I will refer to the title: stop waiting and start now.


For more info, check out these sources:

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