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Seller's CPA | Deal Closed July 2020

Hello Cortney –

I wanted to reach out and say CONGRATULATIONS!   I know this is what you do for a living, and you are probably accustomed to closing deals on a regular basis like this, however I know you made [the sellers] very happy and I am very happy that they found you and your business to accomplish their dreams of selling this business.

Not only did you sell [the seller's] business, but you also got them exactly what they wanted.  With deals I have seen in the past (much smaller scale than this sale), a buyer often has to make concessions or something of this nature just to get it done and sometimes walk away not terribly excited to move on.  That is certainly not the case here!  What I have learned from this is that you have a tremendous amount of resources around you as qualified buyers and it made everything that much smoother.

So again, thank you for your work and congratulations to you and your team on a successful engagement!

Katie McHenry | previously with Great Western Bank

Great Western Bank has worked at length with The Firm Business Brokerage and Ms. Sells over the years. I have personally closed 13 commercial transactions with The Firm, in excess of $9 million loan volume.

As a commercial lender in the Omaha market, I have worked extensively with various brokerages that source deals to lenders for financing.  Each broker works a little differently from start to finish.  No way is right or wrong, but as a lender, I can honestly say that Ms. Sells' approach leads to a much higher close ratio. What sets her apart is that she is well educated on what the bank likes to see in the transaction, continually asking lenders for education on what makes a deal good and what "hot topics" are for banks at certain times.  The times I've said "no" to other brokers is overwhelming.  Most brokers do a poor job of packaging a deal for a bank and don't understand underwriting criteria.  Cortney is unique - she helps the buyer gather info, sets expectations for meetings and does prep work with the buyer to help them prepare to meet with the bank.  She has worked with the bank to learn how we underwrite deals, which helps to set the tone for meetings and get the deal off to a good start. A lot of the time when deals go south and don't close, it's typically a result of timing and nerves, on both buyer and seller side, and Ms. Sells continues to push the deal forward with all parties with out-of-the-box ideas, skilled and tireless negotiation, and the relationships she has developed at various banks.

If I were a business owner, I would not hesitate to hire The Firm to sell my business.  I know that The Firm would take a genuine interest in ensuring my needs as a seller were met.  Ms. Sells is well connected in Omaha, due to her comprehensive community involvement, which I know serves well in a sale.


Melinda Arroyo | Nebraska Enterprise Fund

I can see the passion and commitment you have not only for what you do, but to also be the great employer and partner that The Firm is.  You are doing a great job, and I am proud of each successful and hardworking female I encounter each and every day. Looking forward to being able to help other together! 

Brad Boyum | Boyum Law

Working legal on the buy side, I liked what occurred. The Firm Business Brokerage had good contact with not only me but the buyers as well.  It was highly organized for such a complex transaction.  I would definitely work with Cortney and her team again. They have a good network of buyers and provide a good service to both buyers and sellers.  The communication between parties was great!


Ryan Scott | Welch Law Firm

I enjoy working with Cortney because she’s incredibly ambitious, intelligent, thorough, and has a unique ability to properly match buyers and sellers in all industries. On top of that, she provides impeccable customer service for her clients, and will stop at nothing to ensure that a deal gets done.


Patrick Rigg | PMR Properties

I have never purchased an existing company, rather having chosen to start a couple from scratch with varying degrees of success.  I am always looking out for businesses that fit nicely with our existing companies.  From kicking the tires on a couple of companies, The Firm seems to be the overall best run brokerage within the field.  Your message is succinct, clear and has the appropriate amount of self and customer promotion.  I just wanted to pass this bit of positive feedback along because you are doing so much better than your competitors.


Brent Blume | US Bank

I am very impressed with the success you've had and the enthusiasm you have for the business.  Additionally, your focus on the relationship for the buyer and seller certainly differentiates you.  I look forward to working together in the future.

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