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Reaching Out is Key

Helping buyers find the right opportunity


Not every business is right for just everyone. Although some entrepreneurs know exactly what type of business they’d like to own, others aren’t as sure what might be a good fit. Rather than leaving it to chance, The Firm Business Brokerage reaches out to qualified buyers to help them find the right opportunity for them. Tina McGill, Outreach Coordinator for The Firm, specializes in helping make those connections.

McGill brings years of experience in previous roles where she worked with both buyers and sellers. She understands the process and is able to effectively help clients understand how those transactions work as well. She’s also effective at gleaning an entrepreneur’s vision, whether it’s owning their own business or transitioning out of a current business they’re in. “With my experience I’m able to ask specific questions to help people narrow down what it is they’re looking for,” McGill said. These questions often include what the buyer’s interests are, and how much money they’d like to invest.

She also proactively reaches out to The Firm’s portfolio of qualified buyers to update them on current listings, or to existing companies that might want to expand their services if the business is a good fit. McGill also contacts community leaders throughout Omaha and the region to make sure they’re aware of any potential opportunities that might be a match for businesses in their area. “I’m always trying to increase the portfolio of buyers and understand what each of them wants,” she said.

One of the challenges McGill enjoys is the creative process involved with marketing the available listings. “I like to keep things fresh, exciting, and come up with new ways to make connections and reach out to those I think would be a good fit for a particular business,” she said. “I help determine what a buyer’s passion is, what they’re strengths are, and where there are opportunities for growth. It’s a lot like putting pieces of a puzzle together.”

Simply sending a buyer different listings and asking what they like and don’t like about it also goes a long way toward narrowing down the process. It can help potential business owners discover something new or expose them to a specialty business they may not have considered before. McGill added, “Our goal at The Firm is to help them find the right business they can get excited about.”   

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