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Client Interfacing in the Digital Age

Creating a personal experience


As the largest and most established business brokerage firm in the Midwest, The Firm Business Brokerage attracts clients from all over the United States, and even Canada. At any given time, our firm has over 100 businesses listed and advertised across multiple websites, and it’s important that I maintain communication regularly with all potential clients.

A large part of what I do on a daily basis is speaking with clients, whether it be in person, over the phone or via email. I make an effort to really get to know all of my clients, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs alike. It’s not always possible to meet face to face as many of my clients are out of state, and often times even outside of the Midwest. In these cases, I utilize a few different technological tools to help personalize and professionalize the buying and selling process.

When I receive a request for information from a potential client, I call and email them immediately. Once I reach them, I set up a time to complete an initial interview in my office or over the phone for those that aren’t local. For this I use a private dial in conference line, where the client will call into our company’s designated number and enter a code to be connected with me for the interview or conference call.  I find this to be a far more professional interaction than just a spontaneous phone call. Of course, there are times the client just wants to complete the interview on initial contact and I do honor that request as well.

I use the same private conference line when facilitating a meeting between a potential buyer and business owner. As opposed to going back and forth with questions from the buyer to the seller via email, I connect them face to face or via phone. This conference line is a great tool to use, especially when there are multiple partners on the buy side.

Recently, we introduced video calling into our communication toolbox. This will serve to create an even more personalized relationship between not only myself and the clients, but between the clientele as well. It’s always good to put a name with a face, and video conferencing is the next best thing to having a personal meeting when it isn’t possible to do so.

Another form of technology we use in working with out-of-state clients is wire transfers. After all closing documents are agreed to and signed, we are able to wire funds on the day of closing. This electronic component has made the closing process for our out-of-state deals extremely easy for all parties involved.

In addition to the video calling and wire transfers, we are proud to release our proprietary software and brand new website that has been in the works for months. Our new website and CMS system will create an even more enjoyable client experience. With the CMS system in place, I’ll be able to spend more time with my clients while continuing to build ongoing relationships with them. Without a relationship, there is no trust and, without trust, there is no deal.

As we were building our new website, our focus has been on client experience. The clients will be able to maintain a private and confidential profile complete with all of their personal information while they shop for businesses according to their specifications. Once they locate a business that meets their criteria, I step in. My job is to assist them in getting all the information they are looking for and facilitating all meetings throughout the process, while working toward the ultimate goal of placing them with the right business for their wants and needs.  Technology affords me the ability to do this remotely.

In the name of innovation, we continue to implement tools as new communicative technologies come available. Staying a step ahead gives us the competitive edge when it comes to serving the needs of all of our clients, both in-state and nationally.

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