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A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Making an internship count


The cost of doing business continues to grow, and the most significant is the labor and the stress of finding qualified, trained talent. The way employees work is a constantly changing battle.  As a business is subject to technological and social advances, so too are its employees.  It’s beneficial for both parties to begin molding an employee as early as possible, with the goal of employment upon graduation.

The current generation of millennials are marked by the substantial debts they face upon completion of higher education.  Tuition continues to rise, but the job market and pay scale have not matched pace.  It behooves undergraduates to pursue internships as early as possible.  Not only does it provide excellent experience for résumé building, but it increases the chances of retaining employment.  It’s a strategy that has served The Firm’s Outreach Coordinator, Jordan Burt.

A current senior at Creighton University, Burt was placed as an intern at The Firm through Jobs4Jays, a service run by Creighton for undergraduates and alumni.  It’s been an all-around internship, with Burt working in various departments, and gaining insight into both the buy and sell sides of a deal.  Having worked with buyers, Burt has learned “how much is involved with buying a business, and the amount of research it takes” to find the right fit. 

But Burt is doing more than just learning about an organization and furthering her career.  She’s starting at ground zero and is already earning money before having a degree in hand.  While still a full-time student and nearly a full-time employee, Burt has secured her future and can already begin paying back college debts or start saving, which many millennials are struggling with.  “I am one of two in my group of friends that has a solid plan after graduation and this is so meaningful to me” says Burt.

Going down this path has also helped The Firm.  An employer can reap the benefits of training an intern who has a lack of acquired bad habits that can hinder a seasoned applicant.  It’s an opportunity to shape and mold an intern along organizational lines, making them an even more valuable employee post-graduation.  Plus, there is the added benefit of training without the financial burden of a full-time employee.

This win-win scenario has been observed on both sides by Cassandra Powers, Director at The Firm.  Like Burt, Powers utilized Jobs4Jays while still an undergrad over five years ago.  It’s an advantage that has allowed her to grow into her role over a half-decade, rather than job jumping like many others struggle to find career paths. “I was able to become a homeowner at 25, and without my internship this would not have been possible” Powers says. Now on the flipside of this equation, Powers can see the benefit of Burt’s internship with The Firm.  “We’ve been able to take [Burt’s] skills and help her learn about the business while also using them to help shape her as a future full-time employee of The Firm,” says Powers. 

Conserving the bottom line while keeping employees is a delicate balance, but the value of an internship is steadily increasing for all parties involved.  Employers end up with an ideal candidate, and interns gain experience and financial stability.  Even if there is a parting of ways, neither time nor money is truly lost in the transaction.

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