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If you have a client interested in buying or selling a business, you may find yourself at a pivotal juncture. You can either offer to take on the transactional process alone, navigating the intricacies of this complex exchange and supporting your client along the way, or, you can choose to work with a top-tier team, collaborating with experts to ensure the best possible outcome for your client.  We've developed a portfolio of Qualified Buyers across 18 industries, all of whom have undergone our rigorous vetting process and who are ready, willing and able to buy a business.

At The Firm, our goal isn't to take over your role in this process, but rather to supplement your position, providing a level of expertise and insight designed to make buying or selling a business more efficient, successful and beneficial to all parties involved. When you choose to have your client work with one of our designated Deal Teams, everyone will have a seat at the table. After all, this isn't just about finding a good fit for your client - it's about choosing a brokerage that makes you feel comfortable, included, heard.

You bring your expertise and invaluable client relationship. We'll bring our team of seasoned, successful brokers and our game-changing approach. And together, we'll work as advocates for your client.

We also refer our clients to lawyers, CPA's and bankers on every deal.

In 2018 alone we brokered 49 transactions and with every deal we introduced counsel, advisors and lenders to both buyers and sellers.


Firm University  We also take great pride in our Firm University, where we work to educate buyers and sellers. 


We want to meet you, so we can refer our clients to you.

Confidential Evaluation

Step 1

Initial client meetings.  Whether the client is a business owner or someone looking to purchase a business, trusted advisors are welcome to attend this meeting to learn more about our private placement process.

Review of Offer

Step 2

Private placement process begins.  Buyer review of business information and meetings between the seller and buyer occur.  The Contingent Offer to Purchase terms are negotiated and finalized.


Step 3

The Contingent Offer to Purchase is accepted.  Due diligence and pre-closing work occurs.  Trusted advisors are consulted for legal or accounting advice and banking expertise.

Ongoing Support

Step 4

Closing and post-closing support.

Learn More Schedule an appointment with our in-house legal counsel to learn more about how our advisory teams could work together for the greater good of your client.

Our Deliverables

When a client chooses The Firm Business Brokerage, our commitment to confidentiality is immediately recognized.  Non-disclosure agreements are signed before any information changes hands. Clients trust us not only with financial information, but also information about what makes their business operate successfully.  If a client doesn’t feel confident their information is secure, they will not utilize our services.  Once that trust is established, we can begin to build an on-going business relationship. 

We provide complimentary valuations to any interested business owner, with the goal of providing a better understanding of the financial position of the business.  We believe that there is value to educating all business owners so they are empowered to make more informed decisions in the future.   There is no further obligation for the business owner once the valuation is created.  If the business owner elects to sell the business, our hope is that they will continue to utilize our services.

Each year close to one million businesses transfer ownership.  Most of these businesses are small companies established as privately held corporations, limited liability companies, sole-proprietorships and family-owned businesses.  Although some clients have previously purchased or sold businesses, the majority have not.  Until an individual goes through a buy/sell process, he or she won’t know what to expect or how to proceed.  For the selling client, it is essential that a professional, experienced business broker be brought in to provide advice and guidance throughout the process. 


For the Seller

·         Initial meeting with Seller to gather information

·         Preparation of business valuation in 3-5 business days

·         Presentation of valuation and associated information to Seller

·         Execution of a Listing Agreement

·         Screen and qualify prospective buyers

·         Confidential placement of the business with qualified buyers

·         Enable the offer and negotiation process

·         Facilitate due diligence review

·         Schedule and coordinate closing activities to achieve transition of the business within 30-45 days of an accepted offer


For the Buyer

·         Initial meeting with Buyer to gather information

·         Identification and presentation of businesses meeting Buyer criteria

·         Facilitate Buyer/Seller meetings

·         Enable and facilitate the offer and negotiation process

·         Facilitate due diligence review

·         Schedule and coordinate closing activities to achieve transition of the business within 30-45 days of an accepted offer


The Firm works closely with a variety of trusted advisors of both the seller and the buyer starting with the initial meeting through the closing.  Those advisors traditionally include professionals such as attorneys, accountants and banks, but any advisor is a valued team member.  Your clients depend on you for advice, just as they depend on a business broker to guide them through the sale or purchase process. 


Trusted Advisors we have recently completed transactions with:



First National Bank of Omaha, Jeff Ash

Wells Fargo, Katie Todd

Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Melina Arroyo

Northwest Bank, Brenda Gibson

1st State Bank, Michael Philips

Security 1st Bank, Jennifer Peters

Servis 1st Bank, Clif Tant Jr.

First National Bank, Chad Gonka

1st State Bank, Taina Kelly

First National Bank, Jake Holdenried

Centris Federal Credit Union, OJ Spooner

American National Bank, David Ridder

Core Bank, Kathryn Barker

Mutual Federal First Credit Union, Randy Bauer

US Bank, Jill Flynn

First National Bank, Tom Klein

Access Bank, Mack LaRock

Wells Fargo, Eric Luidahl

Great Southern Bank, Brandi Ballan

Union Bank, TJ Casady

Core Bank, Katey Lenczowski

Security National Bank, Leslie Volk

Great Western Bank, Ryan Meyer (formerly with)

Union Bank, Cassie Kohl

Access Bank, Nate Christ

1st State Bank, Grant Pedersen

Pinnacle Bank, Mike Alford

Northwest Bank, Clay Baker

Middlesex Bank, Maud Dentico

Core Bank, Ron Baumert

1st State of Nebraska, Brandon Lesoing

Wells Fargo, Monald Sharma

Union Bank, Mandy Monson

United Republic, Erol Kinkaid

Great Western Bank, Steve Tooley (formerly with)





Hancock & Dana, Leonard Sommer

Cremers CPA, Jeff Cremers

Goracke & Associates, Kevin Goracke

Boone & Associates, Angeal Boone

Watson & Ryan, James Watson

Hancock & Dana, Hugh Hermanek

Frankel Zacharia, Mike Abrahams

Tom R. Larsen CPA, Tom Larsen

Frankel Zacharia, Scott Sorenson

Hocking & Reid, Bruce Hocking

Quinby CPA, Kelly Quinby

Doug Kuhlers

Steve A. Johnson CPA, Steve Johnson

Lutz, Steven Kenney

Goracke & Assoicates, Brian Goracke

Anderson & Schlautman

Bryant, Katt, & Associates, James Oltman

Darrell K. Stock, PC, Darrell Stock

Lutz, Peter Froelicher

Kluge & Wiese, Kam Wiese

SP Group, David Swan

Meyer & Associates

Kuhlman & Kratochvil, Taresa Kratochvil

O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig, Daniel Dudley

Mierau & Co, Lisa Riley

Lutz, Kristen Curtis

Siem Johnson, Jim Sousley

Foss, Kuiken & Cockran, Craig Foss

O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig, Greg Harr

Strain Slattery Barkley Company, Bill Strain

Grieb CPA, Dan Grieb


Brown & Brown Law, Tom Brown

Lamson, Dugan & Murray, Dan Waters

Kellogg & Palzer, Jeff Palzer

Brodkey, Peebles, Belmont & Line, Bruce Brodkey

Smith, Gardner, & Slusky, Shaun James

Abrahams, Kaslow, & Cassman, Jennifer Rattner

Ruge Law, Doug Ruge

Ellick, Jones, Buelt, Blazek, & Longo, Dan Rock

Harris Kuhn, Chris Blunk

Kutak Rock, Margot Wickman

Steier Law, David Steier

Rembolt & Ludtke, Mark Fahleson

Walentine, O'Toole, McQuillan, & Gordon, Andrew Biehl

Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachman, Matt Payne

Keating, O'Gara, Nedved & Peter, Joel Bacon

Saathoff Law Group, Matt Saathoff

Carlson & Burnett, Jack Horgan

Carlson & Burnett, Doug Lederer

Whitmore Law, Tom Whitmore

Watson & Ryan, James Watson

Koley Jessen, Marlon Lofgren

Harding & Shultz, David Rasmussen

Gross & Welch, William Lindsay

Brodkey, Peebles, Belmont & Line, Tosha Heavican

Carlson Burnett, Niel Nielsen

Steier & Prchal, Barb Medbery

Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy & Hammes, Kevin Dostal

John L. Koenig Law, John Koenig

Darrell K. Stock, PC, Darrell Stock

Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachman, Ben Pick

Croker, Huck, Kasher, & Dewitt, Steve Ranum

McGrath North, Tom Worthington

Koley Jessen, Zachary Rupiper

Sutter Law, Rachel Fischbein

Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachman, Pat Flood

Fraser Stryker, Dan Guinan

Leininger, Smith, Johnson, Baack, Plazcek, & Allen, Bruce Smith

Welch Law Firm, Ryan Scott

Mattson Ricketts, Randy Petersen

Erftmier Law, Don Erftmier

Forchelli Law, Mary Mongioi, Daniel Dornfeld, & Robert Groman

Woods Fuller, Carey Miller

Georgia General Counsel, Patrick Connolly

Tessendorf & Tessendorf, Ryan Tessendorf

Wilson Worley, Bob Arrington

Schwartzkopf Schroff & Tricker, Christie Schwartzkopf- Schroff

McCarthy & Moore, Michael McCarthy




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