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Dr. Lemberg's Pathway to Retirement

Dr. Ray Lemberg came to us in January of 2018 with the desire to retire. As the President and Owner of Psychological Pathways for nearly 30 years, Dr. Lemberg felt it was time to bid adieu and pursue other ventures.


About the Business

Psychological Pathways has a unique focus for psychology practice. Psychotherapy services are offered to children, adults, and seniors alike, and child psychology is an interest to this business as there are very few providers in the area that can offer services to children.  Individual psychotherapy constitutes only one of the services, however, if calculated by time, the largest driver of income is found in evaluations and testing.  Evaluations are done in many forms, for many clients, and for many different reasons.  Clients can include individuals seeking gastric bypass surgery, pain management patients, children, university students, those seeking drug and alcohol treatment, as well as individuals in civil and criminal litigation.  Additional areas within neuropsychology include evaluating and correctly applying a diagnosis to a patient’s symptoms including autism, ADD/ADHD, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and intellectual competency.  Many patients are seen regarding these concerns and the need for a swift and accurate diagnosis. 


About the Buyers

Landis came to The Firm searching for a psychological practice for him and his wife to run. Yvette, Landis’ wife, is a licensed professional counselor. With her master’s in counseling psychology and Landis’ business experience, they were the perfect fit. When they learned about Psychological Pathways, they knew instantly this was the business for them.


Sealing the Deal

The Firm was able to seal the deal between Landis, Yvette and Dr. Lemberg in June of 2019 just a few short months after Landis and Dr. Lemberg met. With a smooth transaction, Dr. Lemberg will continue to work with Yvette and Landis to ensure a flawless transition for employees and patients alike.

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