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Executive Impact
Makayla Kalagias, Broker Liaison

Makayla Kalagias joined The Firm a few years ago upon moving to Omaha after working in customer service for a public utility, and in management. Originally from Arkansas (born and bred), Makayla currently lives in Omaha with her husband, young daughter Zoe, three cats, and a dog. At The Firm, Makayla provides information to buyers about businesses they’ve shown interest in and reaches out confidentially to business owners to start their education for planning an exit strategy. She’s often the first point of contact for current and future business owners, helping them schedule introductory phone calls or meeting with them to go over their needs.

We recently sat down with Makayla to learn more about The Firm and her role in the business.

What is your role at The Firm?
I prepare business valuations, update our CRM system, communicate with sellers and follow up with both sellers and buyers. I also assist buyers in drafting offers.

What can a client expect from the team at The Firm?
Teamwork is the main word that comes to mind. We do everything as a team, and we try to play to the strengths of each team member to make the company a successful enterprise.

What is your favorite business currently in The Firm’s portfolio?
We have an opportunity that includes patented dog brushes. I actually own the product and am a huge fan. The seller stopped advertising, which affected the business negatively, but that would be an easy fix with a good marketing and advertising strategy.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned about the business since you started working at The Firm?
Never assume that you know everything about anything. Things are constantly changing and growing, so it’s a must to be adaptable and open to the day-to-day changes that come with this business.

The Firm has lived by its strong core values. Which core value do you most align with?
Grit—we work hard day in and day out. When the going gets tough, we keep pushing forward and do whatever it takes to make the business successful.

What do you love most about your job?
I’m constantly learning something new. Just when I think I have something figured out, it changes, or something else comes up that changes my whole perspective. No business opportunity is the same, so no day is the same.

Give some insight on the culture at The Firm.
Everyone’s opinion matters. In a lot of companies, only the “top dogs” get a seat at the table. At The Firm, we listen and correct, compliment, and challenge each other to be better and to come up with innovative ideas on how to move forward successfully.

Thinking of Selling?
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