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While most M&A firms follow a more traditional service model, assigning each client a single representative who handles virtually every stage of the transactional process, we do things differently. Every project we take on has its own Deal Team -- a dedicated group of industry professionals focused on your needs. This approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support, quick response times and expertise at every level, every step of the way. Each Deal Team is divided into four key divisions. 




We understand what buyers look for in a business, and we work to position a business to be sold for the best price and in the most advantageous time frame.  The right deal is different for every business, so our team creates compelling Confidential Business Reviews that are tailored to each business and marketed specifically to attract the right buyer.



Advising & Consulting

Our Advising & Consulting Division works to generate buyer interest and privately pair qualified buyers with sellers.  After meetings between both parties, offers are made and negotiated to reach a mutually beneficial price.  The Firm boasts more than 1,800 active, qualified buyers.




After an offer is accepted, our In-House Legal Counsel works closely with attorneys, CPA's and lending institutions to fine tune deal points over 30 to 60 days.  During this time, we coordinate the due diligence, prep for a successful closing and facilitate a smooth transition.




Our interest in your business extends beyond the closing table.  We work to ensure you remain successful by promoting your business to over 21,000 professionals in the Omaha area, and work with  many chambers of commerce and economic development groups across the region to foster community interest.



Meet Our President

Cortney Sells is an accomplished businesswoman and an expert in mergers and acquisitions. She’s brokered more than 280 transactions since 2010, and she and her skilled team at The Firm specialize in pairing owners of existing businesses with qualified buyers. In 2018 alone, the team at The Firm brought 52 businesses to the closing table, which is a nationally recognized high.

Sells leads a team of empowered professionals who share her passion for building client relationships and for helping buyers and sellers realize their futures, whether that means retirement, industry change or simply acquiring a company to expand their personal wealth. Client service is paramount to Sells and her team, and they help business sellers and buyers through every step of the M&A process.

Prior to founding The Firm, Sells founded Agency 89, a talent agency that became Nebraska’s first licensed talent school. She served as president of the agency until its acquisition in 2009.

Sells’ professional affiliations include Vistage CEO Network, the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Nebraska, Rotary International and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. She also serves on the board of Heartland Family Services and volunteers regularly for organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where she has been a nominee for Woman of the Year. Sells also is a mentor for the Offutt Air Force Base Transition Assistance Program.

Sells has been named Omaha Magazine’s “Best of Omaha” Business Broker of the Year for nine years running. She is also the editor of The Firm Deal Review, a bimonthly publication distributed to 21,000 business owners. Her accomplishments have been covered in The Midlands Business Journal, The Daily Record and Omaha Magazine, as well as on FOX News and CBS “Morning Blend.”

Away from the office, Cortney and her partner Adam enjoy active roles at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, coaching their daughter Vienna’s soccer team, and boating on the lake with their son Knoxx and their three dogs.

Meet Our Deal Team

As In-House Counsel, Jared Olson collaborates with brokers and other team members to facilitate closings and support the Firm’s operations. He also serves as a sounding board, consultant, and intermediary between the parties and their respective attorneys when negotiating and ironing out the details of the deal and bringing everyone to the table for closing.

Prior to joining the Firm, Olson worked for 5 years in private practice as a litigation attorney. His practice focused on complex litigation and commercial disputes. In that role, Olson had extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and analyzing agreements and business transactions. He has extensive experience dealing with high stakes events and bringing people to the table. Olson’s experience in business litigation also makes him acutely aware of what works and what does not work when drafting contracts, and he uses that experience to help the buyers and sellers to get what they want.

Olson earned his BA in Psychology, Behavioral Science and Interpersonal Communications and then proceeded to earn his JD from the University of Nebraska College of Law.


"One of my favorite client experiences was when I helped a couple older clients settle their case. The wife broke her hip after slipping on the ice outside their apartment. Her injuries pained her every day and made it difficult for her to work. They were starting to lose hope when they came to me. Thankfully, we were able to sit down with the apartment owners and their insurance company and work out a reasonable settlement for my clients. My clients were very grateful for settlement, and I was able to get them more than they were expecting. It was gratifying to help those people and to see my hard work pay off in a tangible way."


“I am always mindful of the work I have to do, focusing my full attention on each project and completing to the best of my abilities. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.”


“Always Confidential - both as an attorney and as a member of the Firm, my clients entrust me with their livelihoods. I owe it to my clients protect their confidences and represent them in an upstanding and ethical manner.”

Meet Our Advisory Team

As director of operations, Cassandra Powers oversees The Firm’s business operations while assisting buyers and sellers on all accounts. She educates business owners about the appropriate time to complete a business valuation and plan an exit strategy; works with future entrepreneurs to uncover what they’re looking for in a business; and pairs entrepreneurs with the right opportunities.  Powers’ role includes assisting buyers in the process of finding the perfect business as well as in securing financing. Powers has built strong relationships with lenders, which is invaluable in her role.


Powers has been with The Firm for a number of years, and she has not only the education and knowledge but also the experience that puts business owners and entrepreneurs at ease, which helps ensure the best possible transitions.


Powers is active with Business Networking International and currently holds the position of growth coordinator for her BNI chapter. Originally from Exira, Iowa, Powers is the youngest in her family. She enjoys fishing and camping with her husband, Chad, and she likes watching mystery and suspense movies.


What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

“Making the American Dream come true for entrepreneurs, allowing buyers to control their futures, and providing sellers with the opportunity to let their legacies live on.”

What's Your Favorite Client Experience?

“I have enjoyed working with all of our clients over the years, but my favorite would have to be the closing of a childcare center, which allowed a woman to become her own boss. She has since purchased another center from us, and she’s started a third, as she is outgrowing her spaces because she has become so successful.”

Swan Ideology: How Are You Most Swanlike?

“Loyalty. I live, eat and breathe my work. I have The Firm on my mind 24/7. Every day, I express what we do to friends, family and complete strangers.”

Which of The Firm’s Core Values Do You Most Represent?

“Industry expert. I have years of experience, so I’ve seen the good, the bad and the indifferent. I am able to ensure clients the most efficient ways in proceeding forward with deals.”

Cassandra Powers,
Chief Operations Officer

Rene Rademacher provides active communications throughout the acquisition transaction to The Firm’s buyers and business owners. As one of The Firm’s original team members, she is well-versed in each step of the buying and selling process, from the initial valuation to the closing.

Rademacher is a Wisconsin native and mother of two active teenagers. She has years of experience in management, banking and client development. Her vivacity and friendliness serve our clients as she develops new avenues for both entrepreneurs looking to purchase a business and current business owners planning their exit strategies.

Rademacher holds a degree in criminal justice and volunteers at the Food Bank of the Heartland.


What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

“My favorite part of my job is getting to know our clients and learning about the uniqueness of the companies that have been built here in the Midwest. Pairing a business owner with a buyer who is passionate about growing the owner's legacy is extremely rewarding.”

What's Your Favorite Client Experience?

“It's so hard to choose one client experience. There have been so many fantastic buyers and sellers that we have helped to get to the closing table. Each closing is unique and special, whether it is a small boutique that is transitioning or a large IT or trucking company.”

Swan Ideology: How Are You Most Swanlike?

“Other than being a great swimmer (and having a long neck), I am most swanlike because I am very loyal to my ‘herd’ — whether it be my family, my co-workers or my clients.”

Which of The Firm’s Core Values Do You Most Represent?

“Ethically driven. I strive to find the right buyers to introduce to turnkey business owners rather than completing the easiest deals. I realize that our buyers are often investing their life’s savings and our sellers are looking to pass on their legacies: their businesses. It is only right that we do our part in making sure that the best buyers are coming to the table and the best businesses are represented.”

Meet Our Portfolio Team

Olivia is an intern and has been with us since January 2021. She is currently a sophomore at Iowa Western majoring in Marketing and Management. Olivia spends her free time creating music and she also volunteers with the Special Olympics.

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

Gaining experience and meeting new people.

Swan Ideology: How Are You Most Swanlike?

I am very loyal to all of my organizations, friends, and family, and I intend to be loyal to The Firm as well. I am also very mindful of all of my actions and my words.

Which of The Firm’s Core Values Do You Most Represent?

I find myself to be very ethically driven. Around the office I am doing tasks for others and I want to make sure that these things are completed correctly and done right.

Meet Our Strategy Team

Makayla Kalagias joined The Firm in April 2017 after working in customer service for a public utility, and in management. At The Firm, Kalagias provides information to buyers about businesses they’ve shown interest in and reaches out confidentially to business owners to start their education for planning an exit strategy. She’s often the first point of contact for current and future business owners, helping them schedule introductory phone calls or meeting with them to go over their needs.

Originally from Arkansas (born and bred), Kalagias currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her young daughter and three cats and dog.


What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

“One day is never exactly like the day before. I like the challenge of having something new to conquer each day.”

What’s Your Favorite Client Experience?

“Every time we can get a client a step closer to their goal is a memorable experience, so my favorite experiences happen several times a day!”

Swan Ideology: How Are You Most Swanlike?

“Swans are highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to them — or not. I also learn very quickly and retain a lot of information, anything from small details about a business owner’s exit strategy, to revenue numbers given to me at my interview.”

Which of The Firm’s Core Values Do You Most Represent?

“Always confidential. I deal with a lot of buyers and sellers over the phone and via email. As anyone who has worked with us knows, our business listings are 100% confidential, so there is no slipping up when it comes to confidentiality. My teammates and I live and breathe this core value every day.”




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