The Firm Deal Review magazine - March 2017

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Four Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

Maureen Tierney

Not everyone can handle the risk of starting a business, but plenty are able to withstand the hurdles of owning an existing one. Knowing that, below are four great questions that every buyer should ask themselves when looking to purchase a… Read More

Are You Networking or "Notworking"?

Michelle Schrage

Oftentimes I meet two types of people when it comes to “networking” and business – one type says “Part of my job is I HAVE to go meet people” and the other type says “Part of my job is I GET to go meet people.” Which one are you? Do you gen… Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

Kathy Rygg

Even at a young age, dentist Dr. Heather Wilson knew she wanted to be in the healthcare industry someday. But as is often the case, her journey along the way was varied. The Kansas native’s fascination with helping others led to experiences… Read More

Networth: Preparation on the Homefront

Franny Batchhelder

For most people, their home is their biggest asset. When it comes to buying or selling a business, you need to know your net worth, and that includes knowing the value of your home. Below are some excellent tips for little improvements to m… Read More

The Choice is Clear: Clean Title & Escrow is Now Clear Title & Abstract

Maureen Tierney

Every piece of land, every business and every home has a record. Sounds vague and ominous, and a bit like something we should all know about. That might be right, but that knowledge leads to a whole chunk of data and jargon that can make … Read More

Frozen Yogurt Flavors a Bold Venture

Kathy Rygg

Business partners come in many forms. Sometimes it’s a husband and wife, friends, or people who have worked together previously. For the new owners of the Orange Leaf frozen yogurt franchises in Omaha, it’s all the above. Read More

Six Common Roadblocks for Unwary Commercial Tenants

Jennifer Rattner

Attorneys play a major part in any business acquisition; a Buyer’s counsel will guide them through everything, from the purchase agreement to the closing. Jennifer Rattner of Abrahams, Kaslow, & Cassman provides her expert opinion on common… Read More

The Law of Threes

Maureen Tierney

When deciding on a broker, you’ll generally come across one of three typical approaches: the “hard worker,” the “challenger,” or the “relationship builder.” All have great qualities, but all are ineffective on their own. Let’s take a quic… Read More

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