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Military Discipline Translates into Business

Acquiring the College of Nail Design

Being a successful business owner requires discipline. Not just for yourself, but it extends to having employees who are disciplined as well. For Barbara Myers, this perspective is second nature. After a 14-year career in the United State Army, she decided to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur, bringing years of loyalty and discipline to her next chapter.

Prior to enlisting in the military, Barbara had attended and taught at cosmetology school, hoping to one day own her own salon. Her decision to join the Army was the result of her desire to travel and gain education from the experiences the military could offer. In addition to being an MP, she also worked in logistics and was part of an aviation counter drug unit. As soon as she got out, she felt that familiar pull back to becoming an entrepreneur.


"After a 14-year career in the United State Army, she decided to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur."


“I was working as an operations manager for a company, and my family kept telling me I should be working for myself,” Barbara said. “I thought I’d wait until I had finished my degree in Business Entrepreneurship, but with all my experience, it seemed the opportunities were there.” After many sleepless nights researching companies, she reached out to The Firm to help with her search. “The Firm made all of it seem so simple and took the guesswork out of it,” Barbara added. She described what she was looking for in a company, and as soon as she learned about Bella Dea Day Spa and the College of Nail Design, she knew it was the perfect opportunity.

Bella Dea was an industry that she had always loved, it had the perfect location in Rockbrook, and staff that had been in place for years. “I made it clear to everyone that I wanted Bella Dea and didn’t want anyone taking it out from under me,” Barbara said. The sale didn’t take long to complete, with Barbara’s final offer being accepted within only a few days. That was in part due to The Firm’s ability to work under pressure, and the fact that Barbara and the buyer clicked during their first meeting. “We had a connection since I was an MP and the Seller’s husband is a police officer,” she explained. “We felt we could be honest with each other and shared the same vision for the business.”


"I want a team that is loyal to the company where we all have our roles and help each other out. Their success is my success"


That vision includes making needed technology updates within the college to help improve classes and expanding the salon so there’s more room to hire additional staff to accommodate more clients. Barbara was able to get financing through the Nebraska Enterprise Fund that provides financing for small businesses and includes a mentoring program. “I can see the passion and commitment you have not only for what you do, but to be a great employer and partner The Firm is. You are doing a great job and I am very proud of each successful and hardworking female I encounter each and every day. Looking forward to be able to help others together!” said Melina Arroyo of Nebraska Enterprise Fund regarding The Firm’s assistance in this transaction.

Barbara is focused on all these aspects of her business while continuing with her full-time job and finishing her degree. But that’s where her discipline also helps. “I want a team that is loyal to the company where we all have our roles and help each other out. Then we’ll be successful,” Barbara said. “Their success is my success.”


The Firm Deal Review

Development: Rockbrook

Reason for Sale: Owner's health

Lender: Nebraska Enterprise Fund

Stat: The only licensed nail college in Nebraska

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