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From Fields of Green to Team Green

New Opportunity, New City, New Business for Life-Long Farmer

Gary Grundmeier knows a lot about hard work. He was born and raised on a farm in Northwest Iowa and owned and operated his own farm for over 20 years. And although he never shied away from hard work, after 20 years he felt like it was time for a change.

“I was looking for brighter opportunities and needed to move on,” Grundmeier says.

His search for brighter opportunities started with selling his farm and researching businesses for sale in the Omaha area. When The Firm introduced Grundmeier to the Team Green business, he knew it was the right fit. Team Green has been successfully servicing Nebraska and the 4 surrounding states since the Mid-Eighties.

“It was as close to farming operations as I could get in this environment. I like to run crews and fix things,” he says.

And with everything from string trimmers, lawn edgers, big snow plows, street sweepers and 15 trucks, Grundmeier will be doing a lot of fixing and more than likely, a lot of running. But, this self-proclaimed optimist is not afraid of the responsibilities and challenges that will come along with owning a ground maintenance business like Team Green.

“If you don’t challenge yourself, you’re not going to gain much. If there were not challenges then everyone would do it,” he says.

The challenges he anticipates are mainly weather related. With the snow comes long cold days and tired drivers. But again, with his farming background, pressing on through rain or snow is something he is more than familiar with.

Luckily, Grundmeier will have a little help. He believes he has already fostered a great relationship with Team Green’s current general manager and 14 employees. Fostering relationships with employees is something he knows about.

“I enjoy people and like helping people improve themselves. I once had an employee with several personal problems and really helped him improve his life. I’ve helped employees buy vehicles in the past, I am caring to a fault. I get to be more of a friend than a boss.”

Grundmeier farmed all his life in Storm Lake, Iowa, and at one time owned and operated 2,200 acres, 30,000 hogs, and had six full-time employees.

He was impressed with The Firm Business Brokerage from the beginning of the process and with the way the staff prepared him as a buyer.

“They are an exemplary example of how business should be done,” he says.


The Firm Deal Review

Locations: Services five states

CPA Firm: Boone & Associates

Owner's Profit: $766,048

Financing: SBA loan by Union Bank, Cassie Kohl

Reason for Sale: Divorce

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