The Firm Deal Review magazine - December 2014

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Why Legal Representation is a Must

Bruce Brodkey

The decision to buy or sell a family business is typically the most significant investment and cash out respectively that a person can make during their lifetime. Unfortunately, times have long past where a handshake between parties was su… Read More

Ollie the Trolley

Kara Wesely

Deb and George are the proud new owners of Ollie the Trolley, a name synonymous with Omaha and, you guessed it…fun. They have hit the ground running and have a bevy of fresh ideas for the classic trolley business that has been providing eve… Read More

They Kicked Tail for Our Nation

Elizabeth Jones

In just 46 short days after listing, I Love Kickboxing had found its new grateful owners. Meet Ryan, Keith and Kodey, three entrepreneurs brought together by their love for business and kickboxing. Read More

A Tail of Success

Susanne Miller, J.D.

Dr. Sarah Mongan and Dr. Melissa Gardner met at a veterinary clinic in Omaha where they practiced together for sixteen years. Both dreamed of owning their own practice one day, but when a vet graduates from school they typically have a lot… Read More

From Fields of Green to Team Green

Kara Wesely

Gary Grundmeier knows a lot about hard work. He was born and raised on a farm in Northwest Iowa and owned and operated his own farm for over 20 years. And although he never shied away from hard work, after 20 years he felt like it was time … Read More

An American Dream Cut Short

Cassandra Powers

Russ Soukop had worked at a large corporation in Council Bluffs for a number of years where he gained knowledge in the recycling and distribution of used clothing, textiles, and goods. In 2011 Russ started his dream of business ownership, w… Read More

An Unedited Buyer's Perspective

Amy Nelson

Have you ever thought of buying your own business? I never had. I was happy in my safe little box working for someone else and never thought another thing of it. My husband on the other hand, he thought about it often. When his job beca… Read More

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