The Firm Deal Review magazine - September 2017

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A Little Science Goes a Long Way

Maureen Tierney

Remember when you first learned about the tiny molecules that make up every living plant, animal and substance? It seemed an impossible reality to your young mind, as it’s hard to believe what the eye can’t see. But your teacher, like any g… Read More

Raise the Value of Your Business Now

Odee Ingersoll

When do business owners need to know the value of their business? The obvious answer is before they sell it, or when events require a valuation. The less apparent answer is whenever they want to grow their business’s value and opportunities… Read More

Funding the Future

Maureen Tierney

Investment trends come and go, sometimes leaving an indelible mark on an industry, changing it for producer and consumer alike. Most of us may not know it, but the veterinary industry is rapidly transforming, especially in the Midwest, wher… Read More

Bounce U Celebrate Two Years of Growth

Susanne Miller, J.D.

For Jerry Rachwalik, success and fun are closely tied together. The owner of Bounce U since July 2015, he knows that the total experience for his young clients is crucial for repeat business. “We have seen steady growth over the past two … Read More

Industry Consolidation

Maureen Tierney

When it comes to planning growth projections for a company, many focus on adding more customers or team members to increase earnings and streamline services. What’s often forgotten is the immense benefit of acquisition. While it may seem mo… Read More

The Secret Sauce of Success

Maureen Tierney

Since 1982, Lincoln has been treated to the homespun recipes of Dick and Diane Burner’s grandmother. The dough and sauces are guarded secrets, made in traditional ways brought over from Italy, but the atmosphere is a uniquely American twist… Read More

Looking for Financing?

Katie Todd

A recent survey showed small business owners have more optimism and confidence than at any point in the last 10 years. The increase in optimism was driven in part by how business owners rated their current financial situation, and their exp… Read More

Executive Impact

Susanne Miller, J.D.

In today’s electronic world, there is more information readily available to the public. While transparency can be useful in some instances, when it comes to selling a business, more people knowing is not necessarily best. In fact, letting… Read More

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