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The Weitz Company's Construction is Taking Off Again!

Chris Harrison, President of The Weitz Company

Everywhere you look the scrapers and cranes are moving in next door to your home and your office.  Guys like me in the commercial construction business love it as it’s been several long years coming to get our businesses jump started again!

With all of this new activity around us it might be time to make a move to either sell or buy a construction products or subcontracting type business as the future looks bright!

In all seriousness it feels and looks like the residential and commercial construction markets are booming again in Omaha and the surrounding areas. If you look around many businesses, developers, and institutions are either in the middle of construction or are working with designers planning expansions, renovations, or new buildings all together. 

The University of Nebraska has numerous projects lined up as does the Medical Center, Metro Community College, and many other Higher Education institutions.  Many of Nebraska’s K -12 schools are or will be going through renovations, additions and repurposes now and in the future for many years to come.

Data Centers and other large companies continue to be attracted to Omaha, in the center of our nation logistically with great resources such as an educated work force, low cost of living, great schools, lower cost labor, and a favorable business climate.  This will continue to attract new businesses and people to our great state thus fueling the design and construction market.

I’m not the “buy and sell” type business magnate, just a simple guy growing a commercial construction business here in town but I remain very optimistic as Omaha grows that businesses in the construction world will also grow so maybe if you’ve always wanted to own your own small business related to construction now may be the time! 

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