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More is Not Always Better

Not enough hours in the day for this Clocktower Chiropractor

Dr. Goss, current owner of Clocktower Chiropractic and former owner of Wellness Pointe Chiropractic, is a local chiropractor.  He purchased Clocktower just out of college; then when his CPA brought another to his attention, he decided to purchase a second practice. While they were both successful, there just wasn’t enough of Dr. Goth to give both practices his full attention. After much deliberation, he decided to sell one of the practices to a budding chiropractor associate, Dr. Ben Tapper, in order to be sure that all of his patients would maintain the highest level of care.


"It was just over one month from the day he received his valuation to the day he closed on the sale of his business."


Dr. Goss came to The Firm Business Brokerage with a unique circumstance!  He had chosen to sell Wellness Pointe Chiropractic to the deserving chiropractor on staff.  Even though he had a buyer in place, there was much to do in order to get to the closing table.  The time, energy and stress of selling his practice to Dr. Tapper would detract from his patients’ care.  This led to his obtaining outside assistance through a business brokerage. 

From the day he received his valuation to the day he closed on the sale of his business, it was just over 30 days. During that time, The Firm assisted in the entire transaction including helping the Buyer obtain acceptable financing. The goal in hiring The Firm was ultimately met with the realization of the stresses of selling a business being alleviated.  The goal was to alleviate the process of selling a business in order to remain focused on his practice.  This goal was ultimately achieved.


The Firm Deal Review

Multiplier: 2.4

Bank: United Republic, Erol Kinkaid

Reason for Sale: Retirement

Loan Type: SBA Express

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