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Angela Ye describes herself as a very business-driven person. She attributes this to her extremely entrepreneurial family background. Starting in 2000, she worked for 18 years for her Dad’s company, K-Max Health Products Corporation in Asia. She started as Assistant to the President, transitioned to Director of Purchasing, and then became Vice President of the company in 2004. She held that position in the Shanghai office from 2004-2008, at which time she moved back to California and assumed the position of CEO/President for the U.S. Headquarters until successfully selling the company in 2018.

While working as CEO of K-Max, Angela also assisted her husband, Raymond, in opening and operating an emergency animal hospital in Redlands, California in 2014. Raymond took care of the animals, and Angela managed the business. That same year, Angela’s second child was born. The animal hospital opened on weeknights and 24 hours on weekends. Working two jobs with those hours took a toll on their family, and Angela and Raymond knew it was time to sell.  

Angela signed with The Firm and, within 30 days, Redlands had 6 offers on the table, all asking price or over! They ended up selling to a company in Texas that Angela felt had “the right chemistry.” After selling the business, Raymond finally got more time with the kids, and he has been able to form a closer bond with his son.

After the sales of K-Max and Redlands Emergency Vet, Angela launched a new business called Vita-Core Health Corporation, focused on producing dietary supplements and PPE protections. The grew so rapidly that they recently moved the PPE portion to an 18,000 sq. ft. facility. This is familiar territory for Angela, with her manufacturing background, and Vita-Core now produces 100 million masks per year, all here in the United States!

Looking back, Angela knows that selling Redlands was the right decision. She is happy to see that the new owners have maintained their momentum and continue to grow the practice. “It’s like having a kid, and under your influence, they do really well – and then continues to do well as they grow up after closing.”

Angela recently completed her application for WBE certification and hopes Vita-Core will soon be able to work with the government sector, and national retailers. Raymond is opening up a new hospital with more family-friendly hours, and Angela will (only) be doing the bookkeeping.

“I’m going to focus on my career right now – it’s a good time for me to continue to reach my goal and achieve my dream. We should always have our own dreams – we can still have a family, husband, kids – and we can still make our dream come true.” You can check out Angela’s company website at

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