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K-12 Architecture Practice: 25% Seller Carry

Over 90% Return/Repeat Clients with 20-25 Projects Active at a Time!



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  • Equipment

  • Employees
    23 FT employees (not including owners): 2 Associate Principals, 4 Project Managers, 11 Architects, 3 Interior Designers, 1 Office Coordinator, 1 Marketing, 1 Intern

  • Location
    Oklahoma & New York

This firm is currently working with clients in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, and the New England Area. Even with such a diverse client base, their client base is made up of 90% return customers!  With 2 locations and a full established staff of over 30 members, this business is able to handle work for 20-25 projects a time! The team consists of 31 employees including 2 SVP’s, 1 CFO, 11 architects, interior designers, and administrators. All employees are full-time, well-trained and experienced in their positions and their leadership team has been well mentored. This architecture firm has a main focus on buildings pertaining to the higher education and K-12 sector. Included in the purchase is over $2.6 million in assets, including equipment (computers, software, office equipment, leasehold improvements) and accounts receivables. This firm has nearly 20 years of experience under their belt, and have been able to accumulate an excellent reputation spurred on by happy customers which has led to 90% repeat clientele. The current owner is open to carrying 25% of the purchase to show good faith as well as the vested interest in the success of the business after sale. Both owners will stay on until retirement, providing both industry expertise and client relations.


Priced at $5,900,000, strong growth opportunities exist for this architectural firm, with only a small percentage of the regional school district market tapped and a lot of space for winning additional multifamily contracts. This firm’s extensive experience within the resident client base allows them to regularly win projects over larger national entities. This business also currently only has hospital clients making up roughly 10% of their customer base and with their current team, resources, and connections this would be an excellent opportunity for growth without expending unnecessary resources, and with their excellent rate of return customers, every new client is a resource that will return dividends over the years!


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