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Electric Firm with Focus on Infrastructure for Municipalities

Niche in above and below ground public transportation!



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  • Employees
    53 Including 7 Administrative Employees, 5 Project Managers, 11 Electrical Foreman, 17 electricians and apprentices, 1 Senior Director of Project Managers, equipment operators, railroad maintenance staff, warehouse drivers, plus a CFO, VP, and Superintendent

  • Equipment

  • Reason for Sale
    Looking for a strategic growth partnership.

  • Location
    3 offices, 2 in Washington and 1 in Oregon

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  • Service Area
    Washington and Oregon


This electrical firm is engaged on industrial and government and municipal projects, where the “direct client” is a General or Prime Contractor. The expertise of the electrical firm is in designing, installing and maintaining above and below ground public transportation systems such as commercial street cars, and traffic lights. They are boasting over $39,000,000 in Backlog, spanning over 22 different projects. Serving the Pacific Northwest, with 3 strategically located offices in Washington and Oregon their team of over 60 is large enough to have multiple jobs with several crews simultaneously. Due to the recently passed US Infrastructure Bill, this business will grow significantly in the near future as $66 Billion dollars have been set aside for transportation infrastructure work in Washington and Oregon! The purchase of this business comes with over $5M in assets including $1.7M in vehicles, $600k in equipment, along with working capital of $2.7M+! The senior leadership includes a CFO, VP, a Superintendent and a Director of Project Management. The staff is robust with 5 PM’s, 17 Electricians, 7 Admin plus railroad maintenance, equipment operators and warehouse labor. This team allows the Owner to take extended vacations and time away from the office, where it runs like a well-oiled machine! The owner is looking for a strategic growth minded buyer to scale this business to new heights and plans on staying with the business for 3 years after the sale; his ongoing salary has been accounted for in the Cash Flow Analysis. Priced at $14,250,000, the seller is willing to finance 10% of the purchase price in addition to an Equity Roll of 20% to show good faith in the ongoing success of the company. 70% Cash at close will return $1,750,522 in the first year after debt payments!




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